About us

Buona Vita was established in 2009 when we 4 friends decided to take our knowledge of the service industry and start our own project…We had worked together for many years as servers, bartenders, and managers of a local Charlotte chain when we were approached to start something of our own by our former employer. After just a short time of contemplating whether or not it was even a possibility, we decided to go for it. We got the support of family members, put together our different family recipes, and developed a menu that came from the heart…and so Buona Vita, meaning Good Life in Italian, began with the hope of always passing on just that, a taste of the Good Life, to our customers.

After some time of figuring out exactly who we were as a restaurant and tweaking our menu to please our customers but still include our Italian backgrounds, we decided we were happy being everyone’s favorite local Pub and Pizzeria…Ted finished perfecting our pizza crust, which our customers love, and we revamped our brand to convey the casual and fun “neighborhood joint” atmosphere to which our customers have become so loyal. We are so lucky and grateful to have such a devoted following and consider our customers and staff to be like relatives..we couldn’t have done it without their support and are looking forward to continuing to grow our BV family!

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